She stood out from the crowd

Her illuminated face allured one and all

But little did they know what was inside

She smiled from ear-to-ear

She loved her friends

She made the most insignificant people fall in love with her

She danced like a dream

She made it big

She fell, fell so damn hard

She rose stronger

She, she made hearts ache to no fault of hers

She was beautiful

She is

She just IS.




She was loveable

She initiated the most random conversations

She wore spectacles

Her eyes, so big, enough for your sanity to drown

The way she looked, her gleaming eyes, you’d forget everything else

She was a nerd, a sexy one

She, too, danced

She would make you inseparable from her

She left one day

Went into an oblivion

She didn’t even wait for you to reach out

She made sure you never called her back

She fell in love, thrice

She learnt a new lesson every time

She passed on her attachment

She almost seems non-existent

She lingers, in a breath, in a sigh, in a miss

Little does she know that she’s still missed

She left and how, with a deep cavity within

She left, to never come back

She’s a horrible friend, she would agree

She would apologize oh so lovingly

She would make you want her even more

She skipped the goodbye

She is

She just IS.




She walked in without a warning

She smiled and made you fall

She’s the typical girly damsel

Her long tresses make you wonder

Where she was all this while

She reminds you of a past affection

She isn’t at fault

She’s being herself

She turns pink every time she laughs

Every time she coughs, sneezes or yawns

She’s being observed

She may not know

She’s a kid sometimes

She’s as focused and mature sometimes

She’s too, a nerd

She has her facts in place

She’s a hopeless romantic, it shows

She knows when she’s being letched at

She doesn’t care, her heads is up high

As much as you lose yourself in the long strands of her hair

She will find you once she ties it all up

She’s the one you’ll hold and never let go

She deserves love, maybe

She will find it, for sure

She will look into your eyes

And smile innocently

She will make you want her

When she’s doing nothing at all

She is

She just IS.




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