The thunder within…

It was a long day at work. I got back home and had nothing great to do. Amidst the heavy drizzle, I decided to head to my favorite retro bar.

There’s someone I sought no matter where I went. The need to bump into her kept disturbing me. I had already imagined innumerable scenarios in my head and thought at least one of them will materialize someday.

Before I left from home, the seeking came back to me, I shrugged it off thinking that my life isn’t a movie to just bump into someone whenever I wanted to.  I stepped out and was heading to the retro bar. By the time I made it, I’d forgotten all about it. The night was lit, where everything was loud and happy as always as they played retro Bollywood music which was my best way to unwind. I happened to bump into a couple of friends who frequent the place more than I do. They were sweet enough to let me dance with them. A little later, I fetched myself a LIIT and continued to dance the night away.

While I was on my way to the table, I saw some glimpses of her and felt like the disco lights mislead me. Like a complete fool, I looked around tables to make sure one last time because I was pretty sure the games my mind played with me. Just then, I saw someone like her. The facial & bodily features were very similar. I looked right into the girl’s eyes and to my extreme awkwardness, it wasn’t the one sought. Quickly enough, I smiled at her and continued to sip my drink and dance. I kept looking at the door for some reason all through the dancing. After some time, I could see her but it was way too surreal to believe. Screw the innumerable scenarios, my natural reflex made me look at her in a funny, mischievous way. As she drew close, within a split second, I regained my sanity.

She used to be an extremely close friend. Right from our “Good Morning!” to “Good Night.” to “Are you awake?” to “I’m late for my lecture” to a 3-page sms from her for forgetting my birthday. We’d done it all.

She drew closer and we gave each other a nice, tight hug. The music was blasting so we had to exchange pleasantries into each other’s ears.  Once that was done, we continued to dance with our respective groups. After about 15-20 mins, she was packing to leave the venue. She probably wanted to finish it off with just a wave but I somehow reached out to her for a hug. Yet again, the goodbyes had to be said loudly. I asked her to keep in touch with all my heart and all she said was, “Yeah.” and left. We’d met for the first time on the onset of the monsoons and somehow drifted apart around the same time. I decided to leave in about 30 mins after she left and to my surprise, it had already started raining with light thunder & lightning. I chuckled at the sweet coincidence.

They don’t have to be your “BFFs” but… Have you ever missed a friend so much that you think about them almost every single day? Do you miss them when something great happens to you? Do you miss them in your lows when all you want to do is hug them and cry? Do you miss them when all you want to do is message them and ask, “I’m bored, what are you doing?”

It was a coincidence but ended up stirring too many emotions. Everything just came back to me and went right back where it fizzled out.


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