She stood out from the crowd

Her illuminated face allured one and all

But little did they know what was inside

She smiled from ear-to-ear

She loved her friends

She made the most insignificant people fall in love with her

She danced like a dream

She made it big

She fell, fell so damn hard

She rose stronger

She, she made hearts ache to no fault of hers

She was beautiful

She is

She just IS.




She was loveable

She initiated the most random conversations

She wore spectacles

Her eyes, so big, enough for your sanity to drown

The way she looked, her gleaming eyes, you’d forget everything else

She was a nerd, a sexy one

She, too, danced

She would make you inseparable from her

She left one day

Went into an oblivion

She didn’t even wait for you to reach out

She made sure you never called her back

She fell in love, thrice

She learnt a new lesson every time

She passed on her attachment

She almost seems non-existent

She lingers, in a breath, in a sigh, in a miss

Little does she know that she’s still missed

She left and how, with a deep cavity within

She left, to never come back

She’s a horrible friend, she would agree

She would apologize oh so lovingly

She would make you want her even more

She skipped the goodbye

She is

She just IS.




She walked in without a warning

She smiled and made you fall

She’s the typical girly damsel

Her long tresses make you wonder

Where she was all this while

She reminds you of a past affection

She isn’t at fault

She’s being herself

She turns pink every time she laughs

Every time she coughs, sneezes or yawns

She’s being observed

She may not know

She’s a kid sometimes

She’s as focused and mature sometimes

She’s too, a nerd

She has her facts in place

She’s a hopeless romantic, it shows

She knows when she’s being letched at

She doesn’t care, her heads is up high

As much as you lose yourself in the long strands of her hair

She will find you once she ties it all up

She’s the one you’ll hold and never let go

She deserves love, maybe

She will find it, for sure

She will look into your eyes

And smile innocently

She will make you want her

When she’s doing nothing at all

She is

She just IS.





Like a sheet of paper, I lay,
White, unwritten they say.

Bare, waiting to be tampered with,
With every touch, unfolding a myth.

Engulfed with countless folds,
Careless of what the future holds.

Letting you break me into a crease,
Every time you look, I freeze.

Clouds unleashing its pent up tears,
Folded up further, hiding my fears.

Lifting me up from the sweet cuddle,
You placed me on a filthy puddle.

I had no option but to float,
Capable of being nothing but a paperboat.


Story of all of our lives.

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Now that line you may have heard a million times. Read in various books. Seen on innumerable daily soaps. But for some reason it actually is true.

People always leave.

And by leave I don’t mean that they leave and move to another city or country. By leave I mean literally and actually leave. No one is here to stay and it’s time we all accepted that fact of life.

As human beings it’s our tendency to get attached to people we live with, to depend on them, to help them, to love them, to let them love us. But the trick in life is to stay detached. To keep safe distance.

Most of us have a board on our head or a wall built around us which clearly signals that please stay off limits. But eventually someone breaks in, pushes through. Helps you out in ways that you may…

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Burnt expectations, dreading the fire.

Life happened to take a lot of twists and turns that comprised of mostly happiness which I failed to appreciate. Thankfully, the job front has been kind but when it comes to managing real life relations, it’s a task. They say that you cannot keep everyone happy. I agree. But it thoroughly saddens me to see that the person or the people that we want to keep happy don’t seem to appreciate it. It’s true indeed, when we end up doing too many favors for someone, they take us for granted. The real glitch is when we stop doing it, they notice. They might bitch behind my back and overlook at all the other instances where I’ve been of a great deal of help to them.

There’s a lesson I need to learn but I’m lazy, stubborn and in major denial.  I love being pushed over by people, being a doormat and many other things that you wouldn’t even imagine. My mistake, you ask? Wanting to see others genuinely happy. I say, why keep enemies? Well, at least I don’t like keeping any. People might look at it the other way but, whatever. I’ve always advised people a lot of things. I’m also that “forever alone” person who gives amazing relationship advice. I certainly don’t get the math. I’m giving out solutions and solace to people without making those mistakes that they’ve seemed to make. It’s funny. It’s a joke.

Never get habituated to a person. That’s the worst thing, ever. They’re as good as smoking, drinking or getting stoned. I’m still recovering from it. They are like your very own subconscious mind that seems to control almost everything. Your mood swings, the time you sleep and also the time you wake up. You’ll certainly get carried away and suffer from damaging your feelings and self-respect. As a kid, I had heard about people who take advantage of your services (yes, you read that right), can easily gauge the fact that you’ll never say ‘no’ to them and sweet talk when they have a purpose. Right now, I have a lot of people like that in my life. And it truly astonishes me as to how cunning one can be behind that pretty face.

I’m that burnt child who’s dreading the fire. Sometimes I think I chose the fire. Considering we’re drowned into our smartphones now-a-days, a certain someone’s ‘last seen at’ determines the status of what we share (d). Generally it’s ‘oh-I’ll-chat-away-to-glory-with-others-but-ping-this-lousy-one-for-a-purpose’. That explains it all. A friend recollects every time I confide. The friend mentions that I’ve confided every time the ‘talkative’ one messages for a purpose. And best friends are always right. I’ve known the now talkative one differently. I’ve known that one as a mellowed down, a genuinely confiding and someone who really cared.

Maybe, all of my assumptions are wrong. Maybe. But I cannot deny the fact that most of them do remember you to fulfill a certain purpose. We’re all bound by purposes. I had read somewhere that the one who’s the most helpful in other people’s worst case scenarios is like a candle. They might tap all the sources possible but when there’s practically no light, you’re a candle who instills brightness in pitch darkness. It sounded great when I read it for the very first time. Later, I analyzed it. Humans like me sacrifice their self-respect to see someone happy every time they’ve asked for a favor. I would not want my precious self-respect to be compared to something as inanimate as a candle.

They will come and go. It is up to us how we deal with them. They’ll make lame excuses, lie through their teeth and maybe come back again to fulfill a purpose. Leave aside ‘love’, people need to become a ‘good friend’. I may not be a burnt child who’s dreading the fire but my expectations surely are burnt. Let’s face it, WE ALL EXPECT.